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Accu‐Star ‐ Pressure Calibrator

‐ Accurate measurements to 0.025% of full scale.
‐ Accurate measurement via dual, internal, pressure sensors or up to 28 external pressure modules.
‐ Vacuum, compound, differential, positive & absolute.
‐ Additional measurement of voltage to 30 VDC, current to 24 mA & switch closure.
‐ Simultaneously display up to 3 inputs.
‐ Optional temperature sensor.
‐ Temperature compensation

Accu-Star Calibrator Dual Data Sheet


Accu‐Star ‐
External Pressure Modules

‐ 28 pressure modules designed to complement the internal sensors on the Accu‐Star Pressure Calibrator.
‐ Accurate measurements to 0.025% of full scale. Isolated and non‐isolated sensors from 2 kPa to 68,947kPa.
‐ Pressure sensor types include: Gauge, Absolute, Vacuum, Differential and Compound.
‐ Temperature compensation circuitry ‐ accuracy not derated over the temperature range of 15‐35 deg C
‐ Robust ABS enclosure

Accu-Star Modules Data Sheet