Exclusive Australian Agent

Measurement Solutions is the new exclusive agent for Dynalco in Australia. Dynalco are a world class manufacturer of speed monitoring and protection systems. Their range includes magnetic pickups, speed switches, speed transmitters and other engine and turbine related instrumentation.





The New Impulse Guided Wave Radar. Employs field proven TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology to provide accurate measurement of Total Level, Distance or Volumetric outputs on all liquids and slurries.

AMETEK Drexelbrook has harnessed the technology with easy to use configuration menus in plain language. You will have the level measurement you need configured in minutes.



New!  SETPOINT™ Digital Proximity Transducer System

Metrix announces the world’s first digital proximity probe system.  Now, a single field-programmable driver can be used with virtually any probe / extension cable / target material combination, dramatically reducing spare parts requirements and allowing correct system response by simply downloading the appropriate calibration curve or developing the curve in-situ.  The system is available with 3 types of signal conditioners:  A fully API 670 compliant 3-wire version, an innovative new 2-wire version that is also API 670 compliant, and a 4-20 mA transmitter that is field programmable for radial vibration or axial position measurements.


Rupture Discs

HPX® Rupture Disc Product Family

HPX is the most advanced line of rupture discs (bursting discs) available, incorporating proven performance in excess of 5 million cycles, operating up to 95% of burst pressure, and offered in a wide range of burst pressures, materials and sizes.  These features support reduced down time and lower maintenance costs, increasing the productivity of your facility!

- No Knife blades or "Teeth'' required to open the HPX disc.
(Teeth can dull and disc not open correctly)

- Does NOT rely on Pin Technology.

- No leakage or flimsy disc materials used.

The HPX is a reliable, stable and leak free technology. Perfect to prevent fugitive emissions! Contact us today to discuss.