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Universal IV™ Cut Monitor - Water in Oil Monitor / Water in Hydrocarbon detection
Now available with Temperature and Density compensation for unmatched process stability

Drexelbrook's Universal IV CM is a Water Cut Monitor built upon 50 years of applications expertise with RF Admittance and water in oil detection. The Universal IV Cut Monitor features advanced technology including temperature compensation, density compensation and Drexelbrook's patent Cote-Shield circuitry for superior water in oil detection in true process conditions. The Universal IV Cut monitor can detect water in crude oils to a concentration of 0-50% in light oil and 0-80% in heavy oil. It is also an ideal choice for the detection of water in virtually all hydrocarbons. Our probes can handle pressures up to 100 BAR and temperatures up to 232°C. The Universal IV Cut Monitor is also available with temperature compensation or a true water cut reading.

Nothing compares to the real world performance of Drexelbrook's UNI IV CM and we welcome the opportunity to prove it. Drexelbrook uniquely employ their patent Cote-Shield circuity for an unparalleled stability.


  • Automatic Well Testing (AWT)
  • Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT)
  • Basic Sediment and Water (BS & W)
  • Separation Vessels
  • Pipeline Slug Detection
  • Truck Unloading
  • Pump Protection
  • Dielectric Analysis
  • Machinery Lube Oil Monitoring

Use the Best
For over 50 years, Drexelbrook has established itself as the world’s leader in capacitive based water cut measurements.

Easy Calibration - Now with Built-in LCD Display and Keypad
All Universal IV Cut Monitor comes from the factory pre-calibrated and requires only one point validation.

IECEx Approvals
The Universal IV Cut Monitor has been approved for both Ex ia and Ex d installations.

Our Perm-A-Seal sensing element does not require epoxy coatings that wear out and require expensive servicing.

Eliminate Routine Maintenance
The Universal IV CM (Cut Monitor) is built upon the Drexelbrook expertise in RF Admittance that allows the electronics to ignore paraffin and other coatings that buildup on the probe.

0-50% in Light Oil & 0-80% in Heavy Oil
The Universal IV Cut Monitor comes factory pre-calibrated to one of 11 pre-set ranges, for Light Oil (API Gravity > 25) and Heavy Oil (API Gravity < 25)

Cote Shield™
The proven Cote-Shield is designed into the Universal IV Cut Monitor series and enables the instrument to ignore a pre-determined length of the sensing element.

Temperature Compensation
The dielectric constant of crude oil can change with any changes in temperature. These changes may cause standard cut monitors to change without any variance in water content. The Universal IV Water Cut Monitor measures product temperature internally and calculates a true water cut reading.

Density Compensation
The density or API gravity of crude oil changes due to many factors including temperature, material changes as
well as the region and or formation that it is being pulled from. These changes will cause standard cut monitors
to mistakenly attribute changes in density to changes in water content if not properly accounted for. The new Drexelbrook UIV CM with Density Compensation utilizes system measured variables such as temperature, flow
and density from a customer supplied Coriolis meter and calculates the corrected value for true water content.

Spool Assembly
The Universal IV Cut monitor is also available in a spool piece assembly for replacement of existing assembies or where the basic insertion type isn't suitable.

Water in oil spool piece
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