Vibration / Proximity / Transmitters

NEW Series transmitter with unique field calibration

- 4-20 mA proportional to vibration, thrust or RPM
- Field configurable for range, target, probe & cable, measurement and more.
- Dynamic output for analysis
- Compatible with other manufactuers probes and cable

MX2033 Data Sheet

RPM Transmitter

- 4-20 mA Proportional to Shaft RPM
- Dynamic output for analysis

TXR5521 Data Sheet


Transmitter for radial or thrust vibration measurement

- Cost Effective Alternative to Rack Mount Monitors
- Loop-powered driver/transmitter
- Compatible with 4 major probe systems
- Easily factory-calibrated to non-standard shaft material
- DIN Rail mounting (flat mounting base available)
- BNC for access to dynamic output and probe gap

TXR, TXA Data Sheet