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Metrix 5550 Vibration Switch
Mechanical vibration switch with IECEx approval

Metrix model 5550 and 5550G mechanical vibration switches provide basic, economical vibration protection by means of a simple and highly reliable "over center" snap action mass and spring mechanism. In the presence of sufficient vibration along the vibration switch’s sensitive axis, the vibration switch snaps from a stable "untripped" state to a stable "tripped" state, allowing automatic machinery shutdown or alarming when excessive vibration occurs. Once tripped, the vibration switch must be returned to its untripped state via its local reset plunger (5550 only), or via voltage applied to its remote reset coil (standard on 5550G, optional on 5550). A single set of silver‐plated SPDT relay contacts are provided as standard for connecting the vibration switch to a machine control or annunciation circuit. An option for DPDT contacts is also available, and for extremely corrosive environments, gold‐plated relay contacts may be ordered.

The Metrix 5550 Vibration swtich is IECEx approved Explosion proof for IIB+H2 gas and IIIC dust. The 5550G Vibration switch is IECEx approved explosion proof for IIC gas and IIIC dust.


‐ Meets all requirements for mechanical switches in one package
‐ IP66 / NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X housing
‐ Local and optional remote reset with startup delay
‐ SPDT or DPDT switch output contacts
‐ IECEx approved explosion/flame proof
- Mounting plates to suit other manufactuer foot prints

5550 Data Sheet

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