Capacitance Level Transmitter

Drexelbrok have been the pioneer of capacitance based leavel measurements for over 50 years and the experience continues with their newest range of RF capacitance level transmitters. Unique electronics and an unmatched array of sensors with patent construction methods to choose from gives Drexelbrook the ability to tackle just about any application with their range of RF Admittance and RF capacitance level systems.

Why Drexelbrook??

Drexelbrook excels at RF Capacitacne and RF admittance based measurements brcause of their patented Cote-Shield technology that not only inhibits the effects of coatings from the process but also provides a measurement stability beyond the capabilities of alternative manufacturers.

Superior reliability is also synonimous with Drexelbrook's products. Many customers are suprised to find an old Drexelbrook RF switch or trasnmitter hidden away in the corner of the plant having not needed any attention in 20+ years of reliable service. That's how tough they are!!

Level / Transmitters / Capacitance

Universal IV - Lite
RF Capacitance Level Transmitter.

- The largest selection of sensors available
- Measurement of insulating or non-coating conductive process liquids
- Liquid/Liquid Interface measurements.
- Local display/keypad
for easy menu driven configuration
- Smart calibration - no need to empty and fill.

- Ignores foam, condesate, vapour and gas.
- IECEx Ex ia or Ex d approvals available.

Universal IV Lite Data Sheet

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