Guided Wave Radar (TDR)

The New Impulseā„¢ Guided Wave Radar employs field proven TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology to provide accurate measurement of Total Level, Distance or Volumetric outputs on all liquids and slurries. TDR (Guided wave radar) Technology has been widely used for its inherent ability to remain unaffected by variations in the process materials electrical characteristics. AMETEK Drexelbrook has harnessed the technology with easy to use configuration menus in plain language. You will have the level measurement you need, configured within minutes.

TDR Nozzle Eliminator

AMETEK Drexelbrook, the leader in level measurement technology, has added the new Wave Guide Nozzle Eliminator to its ImpulseĀ® Series Continuous TDR (time domain reflectometry) level transmitters. The new Wave Guide option eliminates signal interference normally caused by tank nozzles.

TDR works by pulsing microwave energy down a metal rod or cable. This pulse can be influenced by the mounting and thus conventional TDR's are limted to nozzle diameter greater than or equal in size to the nozzle length. 1:1. To overcome this limitation Drexelbrook has developed a unique nozzle eliminator for lengths up to 36".

Keeps mounting simple and cost down!



Level / Transmitters / TDR


Drexelbrook Guided Wave Radar (TDR) for liquids and slurries

- Easy Navigation with push button configuration with local Display.
- 2-wire level HART and optional MODBUS,

- TDR performance in difficult to measure products, with resolution to 1mm.
- Level and or Interface mode

- Unaffected by changes in density, dielectric properties, dusts, vapour and turbulence


IMPULSE Data Sheet

DR2000 - Modular TDR Level Meter
Drexelbrook Guided Wave Radar (TDR) for liquids, slurries and solids

- Modular design for an economical and reliable solution
- DPR software eliminates false reflections

- Horizontal and vertical mounting positions
- Not affected by product variations

- IECEx approval

DR2000 Data Sheet


DR 7100
Drexelbrook Guided Wave Radar (TDR) for liquids, slurries and solids

- 2-wire level TDR performance in difficult to measure products
- 5 different probe designs to measure level to 35 meters.
- Not affected by product variations

- IECEx approval

DR7100 Data Sheet

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