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Measurement Solutions and Continental Disc understands emergencies arise, and we’re ready to respond. Our Five Star Emergency Services are here to give you a timely delivery without sacrificing quality, and keep your downtime to a minimum. Emergency Services available same day, 24‐Hour Service, 48‐Hour Service, Extended Working Day Service, and Overtime Service to ensure you get the needed pressure relief products on time and in time. Please contact our office for more details. The service time quoted above is ex the Continental factory in Kansas city, we then express freight to Australia.

Universal B.D.I
– Burst Disc Indicator

Continental Disc Corporation's Burst Disc Indicator (B.D.I.) Alarm System is designed specifically for use with C.D.C. Rupture Discs. Upon disc rupture, the Burst Disc Indicator strip is severed, disrupting the flow of electric current through the strip. An attached alarm monitor can then transmit a warning and/or activate appropriate equipment.

BDI Data Sheet

BDI - FLX - Burst Disc Indicator

The BDI-FLX™ Burst Disc Sensor System utilizes an electronic instrument which provides instantaneous
notification of the bursting of a rupture disc using versatile interface cable options. When combined
with an alarm monitor, this system provides protection for lives, equipment and the environment.

BDI-FLX Data Sheet

ENVIRO GUARD® Pipe End Cover

Protect free vent rupture disc piping and safety relief valve outlets from unwanted foreign material, rain, insects, or birds by installing the Enviro Guard® pipe end cover. The Enviro Guard® is fabricated from a tough PTFE coated / impregnated fiberglass material suitable for use in harsh environments and temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).


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Heat Shield

Heat Shields are typically used to reduce the process temperature to which a rupture disc is exposed. Heat Shields are used where Teflon® or other exotic material liners are required for corrosion resistance or as part of the rupture disc itself in combination with high process temperature.

Heat ShieldS Data Sheet

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