Specialised Rupture Disc Holders

Rupture Discs / Specialised Holder Products


Continental Disc Corporation's UNISERT® Assembly is a flat seat rupture disc holder which provides improved rupture disc sealing capabilities. It is designed to house either the MICRO X® Rupture Disc or the Composite Flat Seat Rupture Disc. These non‐fragmenting‐designed rupture discs provide a wide choice of burst ratings from the low pressures of the Composite (FS) Rupture Disc through the higher pressures of the scoredpositive‐acting MICRO X Rupture Disc.

Unisert Data Sheet

TITE‐SEAL / Screw‐Type Rupture Disc Assemblies

Continental Disc Corporation's Tite‐Seal and Screw Type Assemblies are complete rupture disc and holder units specifically designed for use on various types of pressurized "mini systems" such as air conditioning systems, refrigeration units, hydraulic accumulators, gas cylinders, portable compressed air systems, and
laboratory equipment.

Tite-seal Rupture Disc Assembly Data Sheet

Union Holder Assembly

Continental Disc Corporation's Union Holder is designed to provide flexibility of use in tight piping configurations. These precisely built holders combine remarkable ease of installation with high pressure ratings in pipe sizes of 2" (50mm) or less.

Union Holder Data Sheet

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Clean Sweep® Assembly

Continental Disc Corporation's Clean‐Sweep® Rupture Disc Assembly provides overpressure relief protection for viscous media processes, particularly where product build‐up in a piping system may cause excessive overpressure conditions.

Clean-Sweep Rupture Disc Assembly Data Sheet

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Sanitary Fitting Assembly

Continental Disc Corporation's Sanitary Rupture Disc Assembly is specifically suited for a wide range of process applications where product purity and corrosion resistance are required. The Sanitary Fitting Assembly is used in dairy, pharmaceutical, food processing, canning, cosmetic, chemical and many other industries.

Sanitary Fitting Assembly Data Sheet

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MBC™ Sanitary Clamping Device

Continental Disc Corporation's MBC Multiple Bolt Sanitary Closure is a highly durable sanitary clamping device for securing vessel and piping connections in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, beverage, fine chemical, and other sanitary type environments. The MBC is a multibolt clamp design featuring four stainless steel bolts and nuts securing a two‐piece, cast stainless steel body.

MBC Sanitary Closure Data Sheet

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Double Disc Assemblies

Continental Disc Corporation manufactures Double Disc Assemblies which utilize tension type or reverse acting rupture discs. The Double Disc assembly places two rupture discs in series, for use as a redundant device or as a quick‐acting valve. Dependent upon the duty, the Double Disc Assembly can be manufactured to incorporate a combination of rupture disc designs, providing total flexibility in design options.

Double Disc Assembly Data Sheet

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QUICK‐CHANGE Holder Assembly

For situations where seconds count, the Continental Disc Quick‐Change Holder Assembly allows rupture disc change out and the assurance of a tight seal in seconds. Pressure‐actuated static seals insure a leak‐tight design.

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