Rupture Discs - Tension Loaded

Tension loaded rupture discs, as the name suggests, will burst under tensile loading rather than compression or "buckling" of a reverse acting rupture discs. As the discs is constructed for a tension break these are suited for static or cyclic pressures. For pulsating pressure it is recommended to use a reverse acting (reverse buckling) rupture discs as this type of rupture disc will not fatigue. Tension loaded discs are capable of operating to very high or where the operating to burst ratio is relaxed.

Rupture Discs / Tension

Standard Rupture Disc
Standard, tension loaded, rupture discs with solid metal construction.

Continental Disc Corporation's Standard Rupture Disc is a solid metal, differential pressure relief device that provides instantaneous overpressure protection for systems, equipment, and vessels. The Standard Rupture Disc provides a full-opening design that responds within milliseconds to potentially damaging overpressure accumulation, permitting its use in a variety of protection applications.

Standard Rupture Disc Data Sheet

Composite Rupture Disc
Composite rupture disc with narrower operating ratio.

The Composite Rupture Disc for an insert holder has a 30° or Flat Seat configuration and consists of two or
more metallic or non-metallic components. The components typically consist of a metallic top section and metallic or non-metallic seal, with an option vacuum support, protective rings, gaskets or outlet liner.
The Composite Rupture Disc top section is manufactured with a patented seven hole pattern, and with six pre-cut sections providing a non-fragmenting design when used with a non-metallic or Teflon® seal.

Composite Rupture Disc Data Sheet

Micro X® Rupture Disc
High performance, tension loaded, rupture disc.

The MICRO X® Rupture Disc is a flat seat crossscored, tension-type rupture disc, and designed to provide a full, non-fragmenting, four petal opening pattern. Because the MICRO X® Rupture Disc is scored on the outlet (vent) side of the rupture disc, a smooth disc surface is provided on the inlet (process side) of the rupture disc. The result is an undisturbed inlet surface resistant to corrosion and the accumulation of process media.

Micro X Data Sheet

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ENVIRO‐SEAL Rupture Disc
Bi-directional rupture disc.

In addition to the Preformed Composite Rupture Disc, Continental Disc also manufactures a flat composite rupture disc design, the ENVIRO-SEAL Rupture Disc. The ENVIRO-SEAL Rupture Disc is designed to provide economical protection for low pressure atmospheric storage vessels and to isolate the downstream side of pressure relief valves and other equipment from corrosive environments.


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SF6 Switchgear Rupture Disc
Rupture disc tailored for the protection of SF6 insulated panels

Continental's SF6 Switchgear rupture disc is specially designed to provide instantaneous over pressure protection and maintain a leak tight seal of SF6, sulfur hexafluoride, gas filled switchgear panels and other cabinents that require over pressure protection from internal faults and arcing.

90% operating to burst ratio, zero manufacturing range and a non-fragmenting desing protect both personel and equipment to the highest standard.

Switchgear Rupture Disc Data Sheet

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ICON™ Rupture Disc
Rupture disc designed specifcally for transportation vessels

The Continental ICON™ bursting disc is a cross scored, solid metal bursting disc specifically designed to protect transportation vessels like intermodal tank containers, railroad portable containers, tank cars, over-the- road tank trucks and other vessels that transport liquids or gas products, from potentially damaging overpressure conditions.

The ICON™ bursting disc is ideal for installation beneath pressure relief valves due to its nonfragmenting design. The ICON™ bursting disc is designed for installation on tanks meeting the requirements of ADR, US DOT, DOT Blue Book, IMCO, ISO, and RID.

ICON Data Sheet

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Tanksert Rupture Disc
Composite rupture disc designed specifcally for transportation vessels

The Tanksert Rupture Disc was designed exclusively for railroad tank car overpressure protection, and to conform to ICC regulations. The Tanksert Rupture Disc is a Composite Type, with a flat seat sealing configuration and like the ICON offers excellent sealing properties.

Tanksert Bulletin Data Sheet

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Graphite Rupture Disc
Graphite rupture disc made from a single piece of graphite.

Continental Disc Corporation's impervious graphite rupture discs are simple, reliable overpressure relief devices designed to protect processing systems, truck tanks, storage tanks, and closed processing vessels from overpressure conditions. The impregnated graphite construction makes these rupture discs ideal in most corrosive environments.

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