Temperature Switches

Barksdale's range of temperature switches are suitable for gas, liquid and ambient applications. Barksdale was the first manufacturer to offer effective ambient compensation in electromechanical temperature switches revolutionizing temperature switch accuracy through extreme temperature changes.

In a liquid-filled bulb and capillary system, ambient temperature changes affect the expansion of the fluid resulting in “false” temperature sensing. An extreme ambient change from -55°C to + 75°C will decrease the accuracy of most temperature switches by 20% or more. Or, if the temperature changes only 70°, accuracy can be decreased by 15%.

IECEx approved temperature switches are also available for hazardous areas.

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Barksdale temperature switch

‐ Local mount
- 0.5% Accuracy
‐ Single or dual switch points
‐ ‐45° to 232°C
‐ NEMA 4 & IP 65
‐ Intrinsically safe or hermetically sealed options

ML1H-L2H Data Sheet

Barksdale Temperature switch with remote bulb

- Ambient temperature compensation
‐ 0.5% accuracy
‐ Single or dual switch points
‐ ‐45° to 343°C
‐ NEMA 4, 13 & IP 65
‐ Intrinsically safe or hermetically sealed options

MT1H-T2H Data Sheet

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TXR, TXL ‐ IECEx approval
Barksdale explosion proof temperature switch

‐ Ex d approved
- Local or remote sensing
- High Accuracy
- Line, Ambient or heat trace
- External Adjustment Knob
- NEMA 4, 7, 9 and IP65

TXR-TXL Data Sheet

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IECEx certificate



Barksdale temperature switch. Local and fixed set point.

‐ Local mount
‐ Bi‐metal sensor
‐10° to 148°C
‐ Compact design
‐ NEMA 4, & IP65

ML1S Data Sheet

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- IECEx Approval

Barksdale, all 316SS temperature switch with IECEx approval for Explosionproof Ex'd

‐ Compact, explosion proof housing
‐ Convenient field adjustability
‐ NEMA 4X, 7 & 9
‐ SPDT and DPDT switch
‐ Local or remote mount
‐ Panel mount capability
‐ 316 stainless steel

T9692X Data Sheet

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T1X, T2X, L1X

Barksdale temperature switch with explosion proof housing

‐ Ex d approved
‐ High accuracy
‐ Remote, local or ambient sensing
‐ NEMA 4, 7, 9 & IP65

T1&2X-L1X Data Sheet

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Barksdale temperature switch for heat trace and general applications

‐ High Accuracy
- Line or Ambient Sensing
- NEMA 4X & IP 65
- External Adjustment Knob

THR-THL Data Sheet

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Barksdale temperature switch for heat trace and general applications

‐ Factory set and locked at 4°C
‐ High Accuracy
‐ NEMA 4X & IP 65
‐ Compact, Economical Design
‐ Single Switch

TPR Data Sheet

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